The Philosophy of Hope

I work on definitional issues regarding hope, the moral psychology of hope, and the role of hope in normative political theory.



  1. Hope (in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  2. Political Hope and Cooperative Community (in The Moral Psychology of Hope)
  3. The Moral Psychology of Hope: An Introduction (in The Moral Psychology of Hope)
  4. Why politics needs hope (but no longer inspires it) (in Aeon Magazine)
  5. Fundamental Hope and Practical Identity (in Philosophical Papers)
  6. Hope (in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Academic Presentations

  1. Hoffnung oder Empörung? (Frankfurt, 06/2023)
  2. Ideological Hope (Berlin, 07/2022)
  3. Ideals without Idealization: Why Critical Theories Need a Reference to an Ideal Society (Lisbon, 05/2022)
  4. Ideological Hope (Tilburg, 12/2021)
  5. Collective Hope (The Hague, 08/2016)
  6. Fundamental Hope and Practical Identity (Estes Park, 06/2016)
  7. Hope beyond Liberalism (Groningen, 06/2016)
  8. Collective Hope and Social Justice (Amsterdam, 2015)